assert_true #

pyspark.sql.functions.assert_true(col, errMsg=None) #

version: since 3.1.0

Returns null if the input column is true; throws an exception with the provided error message otherwise.


Runnable Code:

from pyspark.sql import functions as F
# Set up dataframe
data = [{"a": 1,"b": 2}]
df = spark.createDataFrame(data)
# Use function
f = (df
                     F.col("a") < F.col("b")))
a b assert_true
1 2 null


Never used it. But I could see it being useful for some form of validation. The fact that it throws an error message is a strange way to use PySpark. Would you have to create a column to throw the message?

returns: Column(sc.\_jvm.functions.assert_true(\_to_java_column(col), errMsg))

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tags: check two columns, validation

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